What we do

We specialize in software development in a Web environment with LAMP technology (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), and Apps development for movile devices with iOS by Apple (iPhone, iPad).

We develop custom projects, integrate open source tools (customization, plugins/modules development) or/and modify applications developed by third parties.

We work to deliver quality products, and for this reason we offer one-year warranty on all our developments.

Recent projects


Work Thru Tools. Portability to web environment of calculation tools in line with the methodology of the Energy Savings Consultancy (Compressed air, Reactive power compensation, HVAC, Pumping systems, Monitoring and lighting efficiency, Energy monitoring systems). Automation of reports generation, ROI diagrams, etc.

Multi-country and multi-language application. It is currently being used in Spain, France and Italy.


Gestión de Acciones Formativas. (Management of educational activities). Information system for a company with numerous offices, specializing in e-learning. Optimization of internal processes, unification of information source, programming of agents for data capture.
Monitoring the students progress throughout the whole learning process, from enrollment until achieving their diploma.


Visiona. Business intelligence system for the management and optimization of power consumption in big office buildings and industrial facilities. Programming of agents for data capture; interpolation and correction algorithms. Simulation of the electricity bill and optimization of the power supply to be contracted. KPIs monitoring, online reports.


Some of the companies that have put their trust in us: